E Print app

HP ePrint app is a mobile application which helps you to print from your mobile device to your HP Printer.This could be achieved if the printer and mobile device are in the same network, or through cloud-connected printers.

Cloud printing

Cloud printing is the technology that enables printers to be accessed over a network through computing. is a free service that allows you to print documents and photos securely from any mobile or network-connected device.


HP Connected is the application through which you can create a HP Connected account from www.hp.connected.com HP Connected presents users with various applications, including photo, music, cloud storage, printing etc

123 HP Connected Setup

HP Connected Account Setup.For creating an HP Connected account, you need to go to www.123hpconnected.com.You will be presented  with a Sign In screen, wherein you will be required to enter your email address, First name, Last name and a password of your choice with at least 6 characters. Then agree the terms of Use and click Create Account.

Alternatively, if you have a hp connected account already, you can just sign in.You will get a welcome message from HP Connected.Now its time to add a printer to your HP Connected account.

HP Ink Cartridges Error

  • Secondly, next to the printer setup, the crucial step is the ink cartridges installation and other miscellaneous ink errors
  • The first imperative step from the user side is, installing the original HP ink cartridges from the package
  • A lot of users prefer to use random cartridges without considering the quality and compatibility with the printer
  • Doing this always ends up either in decimating the print quality or even printer hardware malfunctions
  • Also, HP recommends the users to get the HP printer support team assistance during the initial setup process of ink cartridges to the printer

Paper jam issues

  • Same as the ink cartridges,  the paper selection must be good
  • You can easily overview all the details regarding the paper input in the HP user guide itself
  • Based on your document size and tone of ink, select the  the right paper quality
  • And, it is the user’s job to have a constant check on the paper input tray, where the stack of paper is placed without folds or not
  • If any of the above are conceded wrongly, then there are high chances to face the paper jam issues

123 HP Printer Wireless Setup

If your printer supports HP ePrint, then you need to connect your printer to a wireless network. For this, first go through the startup routine and print the alignment page.For making an wireless connection, you can follow any of these methods

HP Auto Wireless Connect

Wi-Fi-Protected Setup

HP Wireless Setup Wizard

Step By Step Guide to Setup HP Printer With USB

Download and install the printer driver and connect your printer: To download, install and connect the printer on your pc, follow the below-given steps:Begin by visiting the HP’s official website. Here you will need to enter your printer model and OS version to download the correct driver.

Now install the downloaded software.Lastly choose the connection type when prompted and thereafter carefully follow the onscreen instructions.Get the printer registered: You can register your printer by signing up with HP. However this step is not mandatory.

Lastly sign for HP instant ink: As the last step sign up for the HP instant ink from the Hp official website. This would ensure an ink cartridge replacement when required.

HP Wireless Printer Setup - Complete Instruction Guide​

The wireless setup of the Wi-Fi printers generally works by connecting to a router which  provides internet access to the printer. However if your printer connects with Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi, then the procedure will vary a bit. 

The HP wireless printer facilitates multiple users and grants access to the same. But the difference here is that it doesn’t connect through any cable or network.

It connects to a computer via Wi-Fi i.e. this printer connects to a route and not an individual computer.

Thus time taken is usually because of the details required to grant access i.e. you have to enter all the network details of the computer along with your Wi-Fi’s password to be filled out in HP wireless printer setup.

Choose Your Model for Setup, Driver Download or Troubleshooting

HP Envy

HP Ink Tank printer comes with wireless technology that enables you to print directly from your smartphone, scan documents

HP OfficeJet

HP Ink Tank printer comes with wireless technology that enables you to print directly from your smartphone, scan documents

HP DeskJet Ink

HP Ink Tank printer comes with wireless technology that enables you to print directly from your smartphone, scan documents